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The Viva Network actively seeks to integrate and synergize with other decentralized fintech providers. We believe it is in the interest of both the industry and our clients to encourage a diverse and thriving ecosystem of connected financial services and partnerships.

The Viva Platform is exposed through RESTful APIs in order to facilitate this. We also may be willing to work with you to make viable and valuable integration opportunities a reality if our APIs do not support your cause yet.

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The Future of Mortgages

A Peer To Peer Mortgage Lending Platform & Tokenized Mortgage Exchange.

Meet Viva

Finance your home, invest in mortgages or trade tokenized mortgage bonds.

A Better Way To Buy A Home

Introducing an entirely new way to get home loan. The Viva Mortgage Platform is a crowdfunding platform that allows users to originate their mortgage capital requirement by connecting them with thousands of lenders from all around the world. Streamlining the traditional process and, for the first time, introducing international capital to borrowers in regions with inefficient credit systems. Completely eliminating the need to rely on financial intermediaries and other expensive middlemen to get a mortgage.

Tokenize Your Mortgage

FMSP (Fractional Mortgage Share Protocol) was developed by a community of advanced blockchain developers and financial revolutionaries, who are passionate about improving and redistributing the power held by large financial conglomerates. FMSP is a peer to peer protocol, that uses the Ethereum blockchain's smart contract infrastructure, to allow individual users to convert their private mortgage loan into tradeable asset-backed Tokenized Mortgage Bonds (Fractional Mortgage Shares).

Invest In Private Mortgages

The Viva FMS Exchange is an internal Tokenized Mortgage Bond exchange, which will bring liquidity and assurance to private mortgage investing for the first time. The Viva FMS Exchange is designed to cater to and attract large institutional investors and private investors alike, bringing real-world assets and fixed-income investing into the realm of blockchain systems, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets. Investors will have the option to pay trading fees with VIVA Tokens, entitling them to a 75% discount on fees further increasing their investment returns.

How Does Viva Work?

Viva enables buyers to get lower interest rates & investors to earn higher returns.

Why Tokenize Mortgages?

Introducing security & liquidity to private mortgage lending.

For Homebuyers

  • Lower mortgage rates

    Savings generated by circumventing local financial systems & fees are estimated to range between 20-40% of the total interest expense.

  • Access to foreign capital

    For the first time, Viva introduces foreign capital to mortgage loans, leading to more options and better deals for homebuyers.

  • Fast, easy & transparent

    By allowing a free market of lenders to decide if the mortgage is approved, borrowers can enjoy complete transparency in the loan approval process and completely avoid the old, cumbersome process.

  • Hybrid, user friendly platform

    Viva mortgage loans are paid with fiat currency and wire transfers, just like a regular loan.

For Investors

  • Profitability

    Introducing an entirely new asset class. Due to the efficient structure of FMS mortgage investment products, Investors can benefit from generating significantly higher yields relative to other, similar-risk profile investments (eg. Wall Street’s MBS).

  • Safety & assurance

    In the scenario of a default, all mortgage loans produced by Viva are guaranteed by private mortgage insurance policies (PMI) so international investors have comfort & assurance on their investment.

  • Liquidity

    Unlike other peer to peer financing systems, Fractional Mortgage Shares will be liquid and tradeable securities on the Viva Secondary Market FMS Exchange Platform. Solving the most important problem in the alternative financing arena.

  • Complete transparency

    Unlike other mortgage investments, FMS products enable investors with complete transparency – allowing investors to see all details of their prospective mortgage investment, while protecting the privacy of the borrower.

Real World Blockchain Solutions

Breaking down the barriers of securitization.

The Problem

Getting a mortgage is challenging and frustrating, and for many creditworthy individuals around the world - is often impossible. Furthermore, the profit model behind mortgage loans and Mortgage Backed Securities is one of the most lucrative business models in existence.

Despite this, banking corporations around the world consistently exploit consumers with price gouging, collusion and even interest rate manipulation. This centralised authority is irresponsible, and we believe these profits belong to the consumers - the homebuyers and investors - instead of the middlemen (the banks).

The Solution

Viva is a hybrid blockchain protocol that introduces a brand new option for consumers around the world to finance their homes - the free market.

Tearing down the decades-old barriers to entry in the securitization industry by introducing the world's first Peer to Peer Mortgage Financing Platform & Tokenized Mortgage Exchange.


The team and minds behind Viva.

Christian Fiddick

Chief Architect

Christian is an expert blockchain engineer and financial UI architect with over 8 years experience in developing advanced financial software systems for publicly traded, Fortune 500 financial services companies.

Nick Thomson

Chief Executive Officer

Nick is an entrepreneur, blockchain visionary and financial systems architect, with experience in finance, accounting and SME entrepreneurship. Nick’s ventures have been published in prominent publications like Entrepreneur magazine.

Stan Stalnaker

Innovation Advisor

Stan is globally renowned digital asset innovator, visionary and creative genius. Well-known in the blockchain community for developing the first digital asset in 2007, Ven currency. Stan is currently the Founding Director and Chief Strategy Officer for Hub Culture; + Ultra, Ven,

Loretta Joseph

Digital Asset Regulation Advisor

Chair of the advisory board for the Australian Digital Currency and Commerce Association and holds various advisory positions for tech, biotech and Cybersecurity companies. Loretta is an expert financial and consulting professional with over 25 years in financial markets.

Wilson Carter

Chief Strategy Officer

Wilson is a published author and blockchain advocate. His strategy and marketing experience stems from time with The National Football League (NFL), U.S. Senate and Hollywood’s film industry.

Paul Montero, ACCA

Chief Financial Officer

Paul is an ACCA Chartered Accountant and financial products expert, with over six years of experience at PwC and KPMG before joining Viva. Some of his many talents include; financial statement assurance, identifying areas of risk and suitable testing strategies in financial services companies.

Stephen Thomson

Investment Advisor

Stephen is a private equity investor, entrepreneur, real estate developer, public speaker and philanthropist. Stephen is currently the President and CEO of Mailboxes Unlimited, Just Shirts and TT&D Ltd. He serves on many boards, including Chairman of C Holdings and Chairman of Bermuda Press Holdings Ltd. [BPH.BH].

Marlon Weems

Strategy Advisor

Mr. Weems is the founder of Hillcrest Strategies which provides subject-matter expertise, and capital markets research to financial strategy firms. Marlon has also authored research focused on fintech, and blockchain at UNC.

David Erichsen

Chief Technology Officer

David is a brilliant full stack developer who excels in a multitude of backend and frontend web frameworks. He doubles as the CTO of Voice & Exit and advocates for the widespread use of cryptocurrencies.

Ben Erichsen

Chief Operating Officer

Ben’s brings over 20 years of experience constructing and utilizing financial products trading algorithms, consulting in risk management; database management and machine learning.

Gilbert Darrell

Implementation Advisor

An IT entrepreneur who has consulted for Fortune 500 companies Gilbert is one of Bermuda’s Blockchain’s pioneers having founded Horizon Communications.

Kyle Masters

Regulatory Advisor

Mr. Masters is one of Bermuda’s premier attorneys who formerly held the key position of legal adviser at the Bermuda Regulatory Authority.

Blake Carter

Chief Marketing Officer

Blake is a marketing mastermind. He is the founder and CEO of Top Tier Marketing, founder of the Big Banger Music Festival, Young Nation podcast and is an active motivational speaker.

Greg Maybury

Accounting Manager

Greg’s is a senior accountant at Ernst & Young, specializing in financial statement assurance services. His experience portfolio includes many fortune 500 financial services companies including insurance, reinsurance and private equity funds.

Max Borders

Brand Management Advisor

Mr. Borders is a published author widely known for his founding of the Voice & Exit conferences which strive to create positive personal and social change.

Dr. Kishan Sudusinghe

Technology Advisor

Dr. Sudusinghe is a Quantitative Developer at Validus Group, a reinsurance/insurance company and has been the lead developer for the company’s proprietary pricing engine. He has integrated into the FinTech to take a proactive role in advancing new technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Jeff Hooton

Full Stack Developer

Jeff is an expert programer and lead consultant who specializes in developing mobile applications, web development, and Java.

William Lewis

Director of Investor Relations

William is the Co-Founder of TLM Real Estate Development group. He specializes in multi-million dollar real estate developments, with expertise in development logistics and cost-side analysis.

Jesse Beohm

Insurance Advisor

Jesse is an experienced catastrophe risk and insurance professional with technical experience working in property, casualty, and specialty insurance, with a focus on data mining and catastrophe modeling.

Jeremy Swan

Financial Advisor

Jeremy is the managing principal, financial sponsor & financial services industry practice leader and M&A consulting services leader at CohnReznick.

Linc Kupke

Assistant Architect

Lincoln is a Machine Learning & AI software engineer and full stack web developer who also specializes in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, jQuery, React JS, AJAX, HTML, CSS, TDD and Git.

Katherine Masters

Director of Public Relations

Katherine’s experience stems from time as a compliance analyst and trust administrator at Midsea Consulting. She specializes in KYC and client due diligence.

James Anfossi

Risk Advisor

James is a catastrophe and risk modeling analyst at AXIS Capital with experience in finance and underwriting.

Josh Hebb

Technical Advisor

Josh is a technical consultant at Content Bloom delivering enterprise level web solutions (application & content management). He has worked with enterprise CMS platforms (SDL Tridion), as well as application development with a variety of modern technology stacks.

Tarek Waked

Director of Business Development

Tarek is an established tech entrepreneur and currently the CEO/founder of both MandaoApp & Neauraly Labs. He advocates blockchain and sustainable tech in Central and South America.

Alex Brown

Financial Advisor

Hailing from one of the big 4, Alex is a blockchain advocate and financial services accountant at KPMG, with experience in risk advisory and consulting. Alex has served former positions as a financial analyst at Africa new energies limited.

Nikolai Paloni

Branding Expert

Formerly with Barclays and Amazon, Nikolai is an e-commerce specialist and now serves as the Founder of Ombraz Sunglasses (check them out, they’re awesome).

Kenneth Thomson

Real Estate Analyst

Kenneth is one of Tishman Speyer’s premier real estate acquisitions and asset management analysts. After graduating from Cornell, Kenneth received a Masters degree in Real Estate Finance from Henley Business School.

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Viva Network Mobile Apps

Along with a sophisticated web-based platform, we will develop Android & Apple apps to connect users with unparalleled ease and efficiency. From ERC20 wallets to mortgage listings to portfolio building, The Viva Network embraces a mobile-first design - essential for developing countries with primarily mobile internet access.

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